Listen: Bernie Sanders brings his presidential campaign to Cleveland

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CLEVELAND -  With Ohio's primary election less than two weeks away, the 2016 presidential candidates are turning their eyes to the Buckeye state.

On Saturday, March 5th, Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders held a Cleveland press conference that dealt largely with his Social Security reform.

***Watch his entire press conference, above***

He was the scheduled to participate in a "community conversation" at Olivet Institutional Baptist Church.

The church extended invitations to both campaigns, but Sanders was the first to accept.

“It’s not necessarily a rally, campaign rally but more of a dialogue of what his thoughts are and his vision is,” said Mark Smith, Media Director for the church.

Tickets for the event were already distributed.

On Sunday, Ohio Governor John Kasich returns home with his presidential campaign when he hosts a rally in Columbus. Former California Governor Arnold  Schwarzenegger will be at the rally as well. (For a list of Kasich campaign events, click here.)

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Ann Domeck March 5, 20161:14 pm

Sanders: We will not cut Social Security, we need to expand the benefits.

Ann Domeck March 5, 20161:15 pm

We cannot turn our back on our parents and grandparents. The best way to deal with social Security today is to have everyone pay the same percentage into Social Security. 

Ann Domeck March 5, 20161:17 pm

We won’t close down SS field offices this year. We need a well trained, well staffed work force there.

Ann Domeck March 5, 20161:18 pm

Need to control the high prices of prescription drugs. 

Ann Domeck March 5, 20161:20 pm

In response to a question: Sanders wants to lift cap on taxable income so people who make the most money pay the same percentage as everyone else into Social Security. 

Ann Domeck March 5, 20161:22 pm

Real change has always come from the grass roots. Millions of seniors are standing up for Social Security reform. No one should go against that as we try to expand Social Security.

Ann Domeck March 5, 20161:24 pm

In response to a question: I do not make the same vicious personal attacks as the GOP candidates are doing. I will differentiate my positions from Clinton’s.