Agreement renews Ohio rebates for drug overdose antidote

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has announced a year-long extension of a deal with a drug overdose antidote manufacturer to provide rebates for public agencies buying the drug.

California-based Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc. is the maker of naloxone. DeWine asked Amphastar for the rebates last year after the cost of supplies of the drug nearly doubled.

Under the deal announced on Tuesday, Amphastar will continue providing a $6 rebate for each naloxone syringe bought by a non-federal public entity in Ohio in the next 12 months.

DeWine says nearly 60 Ohio agencies have applied for more than $151,000 in rebates to offset the cost of the life-saving drug.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety says naloxone was administered more than 16,000 times in Ohio in 2015.