JetBlue offered an entire plane a free trip, but there was a catch

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JetBlue recently offered an entire plane of passengers a free round-trip ticket to anywhere in the world.

The only catch? The entire plane had to agree on the destination.

They gave each passenger a paddle for voting, first decided if the trip should be domestic or international.

Once they decided on that, they worked together to choose the final location.

Check out the video above to see where they decided to go.

JetBlue says this in the video description:

From the capital to the campaign trail, political partisanship and a contentious election make disagreement feel like the new normal. It is clear that the country is divided. Or is it? Can compromises be made for the greater good? See what happens when unsuspecting JetBlue customers are tasked with putting aside personal differences to reach across the aisle.


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