Tampa man chews off fingerprints to avoid being identified during arrest

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TALLMADGE, Ohio – Police in Tallmadge pulled over a car around 3 a.m. Friday on North Thomas Road for a license plate violation, smelling marijuana when they got close to the car.

According to the Tallmadge police chief, there were four people inside the car who were placed inside a police cruiser, without handcuffs, while officers searched the car.

One of the suspects, 24-year-old Kirk Kelly, gave police a fake name when they asked.

Officers found out he was lying, so Kelly next gave his brother’s name, who is also a Tampa resident.

Shortly after, officers contacted Tampa police and determined that Kelly was wanted there.

Officers believe Kelly overheard them talking about a mobile fingerprint scanner, so they say he chewed off his fingerprints.

While officers attempted to cuff him, he got away and was caught after a short foot chase.

Kelly had a nationwide warrant for his arrest for racketeering, several drugs and weapon charges and he is suspected of selling guns possibly linked to 15 homicides.

Kelly was charged with obstructing official business, tampering with evidence, falsification and resisting arrest.

He is currently in the Summit County Jail on those charges while he awaits extradition to Florida.