Couple sues Burger King over $17.85 bill because they were charged twice

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MECHANICSBURG, Pa. – A Pennsylvania couple sued Burger King over a $17.85 bill because they say they were charged twice for the wrong meal.

They claim the restaurant promised to refund their card within 7-10 business days, but when they didn’t see the refund, they decided to sue.

According to WHTM, they filed the lawsuit because of the principle, not the money.

“I’m the type, I’ll follow up,” Patty Wargo told WHTM. “It’s my money. You took it.”

But after filing, the refund came back onto their card.

Now they’re claiming that Burger King should pay their court fees as well.

“People go to jail for stealing less than that,” Doug Wargo said. “It’s our money. We just want our money back.”

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