Download: Would you ‘outsource’ some of your parenting responsibilities?

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Model and mom-to-be Chrissy Teigan is catching some heat for saying she plans to hire a nurse to help her care for her newborn during the night hours.

She made the statement to U.S. Weekly during a recent interview. Social media quickly responded, as did Teigan.

But it turns out many parents are hiring outside help to teach their kids some of the basics. Parents magazine reports that parents are more and more outsourcing their responsibilities, hiring people to help with anything from manners and potty training to riding a bike and tying shoes.

“Lots of parents are choosing the iconic moments they enjoy with their kids, then outsourcing other responsibilities to someone else,” Dr. Amber Epp told Parents.

Parents gives some examples: A 90-minute private lesson at Manners to Go in New Jersey can cost between $150 to $375. Bike riding lessons can run $45 to $65 per class.

Nordstrom’s offers free shoelace-tying workshops at some locations. Kids even get a certificate.

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