How a Georgia man almost got away with his wife’s murder

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ATLANTA, Georgia – Dominique Leili was always watched closely by her husband Matt. He even installed cameras and audio recorders throughout their home.

After going missing, her naked body was found in the woods and her husband was a suspect, according to ABC News.

Police began to investigate, finding it odd that the security footage from the hours before and after she disappeared had been deleted.

One of Dominique’s daughters even moved out because of the constant surveillance from Matt.

“It was very uncomfortable all of the time, you know? He had a camera in the living [room] that faced the couch, so if you wanted to sit down and watch TV, you were being monitored,” Alex Peters told ABC News’ “20/20.”

At first, Matt didn’t want to call police when Dominique went missing, fearing negative media attention.

That’s when her family began to fear the worst.

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