18-year-old who posed as Ohio senator facing charges

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SYCAMORE, OH - Ohio school officials say a young man posing as a state senator toured a high school and spoke to a class, and they didn't realize they'd been fooled until weeks later.

According to news media reports, Mohawk Local School District officials say 18-year-old Izaha Akins visited the high school in Wyandot County in December and claimed to be a lawmaker filling in for another senator.

Media reports say when Republican Sen. David Burke showed up to speak later, as scheduled, that's when officials realized they'd been duped.

Burke said in an email Friday to The Associated Press that when he learned about the hoax, he and the school immediately began working with law enforcement. He said, "This was an extremely elaborate scheme and not as simple as walking through the door."

Akins said that he was showing that rural schools don't think they are at risk for security breaches, but that they can happen.

Akins, of Marion, was charged with telecommunications fraud and impersonating a peace officer.