World War II veteran reunites with long-lost love after more than 70 years

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AUSTRALIA – It was a 10,000 mile journey, but after 70 years, it was well worth it.

Norwood Thomas, 93, hasn’t seen his long-lost love, Joyce Durant Morris, 88, since he was a soldier in World War II.

According to ABC News, they finally met on Wednesday and shared a hug when they finally saw each other.

“This is about the most wonderful thing that could have happened to me,” Thomas said.

They said they are planning to spend Valentine’s Day together.

The two met in 1944 in London, but were separated when he had to leave for the Battle of Normandy in France. They both married other people, but Morris divorced and Thomas’ wife passed away.

“When she called me ‘Tommy,’ her nickname for me, Oh, my God, it stirred emotions that had been dormant for a long, long time,” Thomas told ABC News. “She had always been on the fringes of my thoughts this whole time. She’d always pop up as a pleasant memory, and it turns out that she’d been thinking of me this whole time too.”

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