February 10, 2016

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Hollywood & Dine

Start your morning off in a sweet way! David made deliciously moist Chocolate Chip Banana Nut Muffins.

Click here for the recipe.

Ohio Valley Group

It’s the first sign of spring! The Great Big Home & Garden Show has returned to the I-X Center. If you’ve ever wondered just how much work goes into creating the beautiful displays, we found out! We stopped inside the Ohio Valley Group’s workshop to watch their garden come to life.

The Great Big Home & Garden Show is at the I-X Center through Valentine’s Day, February 14th. Buy your tickets online and save $3!



Orchid Mania

Something else that will make you smile? More than 1,000 exotic and unique flowers! Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Cuba as you stroll through tropical landscapes and colorful scenes. It’s all part of Orchid Mania happening right now at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. It’s happening from now until March 6th.


Valentine’s Day Wine & Champagne

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a unique take on your favorite bubbly! Dina Kostis, Sommelier at Pickwick & Frolic, and Lead Mixologist, Lisa Mullinax joined us in studio to mix up some Champagne Cocktails.


Valentine’s Day French Toast

Don’t wait for evening to celebrate Valentine’s Day! We made French Toast with a romantic twist using Nutella and warm strawberries. Ashley Young, Owner of Fire and Ash Catering, joined us in the kitchen.

Click here for the recipe!



Sew It Yourself Apron

It’s time to unleash your creative side! Anyone can learn to sew (even Natalie) and Nan Webb, Owner of Bolt & Spool, was here to prove it.

Join her Private Stitch Parties on at Murry Hill Bolt & Spool. Pricing includes instruction, materials, and supplies!