I TEAM: Cleveland boy robbed for $2 as he walked to the store

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CLEVELAND – Outrage on Cleveland’s east side after a 12-year-old is robbed in broad daylight Sunday afternoon while walking to a corner store.

The boy’s father and store owner are concerned, saying this is just the latest in a string of violence taking place at the CeeJay’s Deli, on Griffing Avenue.

Just about six weeks ago around midnight, December 23, three men, one waving a gun, ran into the store and ripped an ATM out of the wall.  The three carried it out and fled.

And then on Sunday, a group of juveniles on bikes are accused of robbing a 12-year-old boy.

The boy was walking to the store around 2:30 Sunday afternoon, when the teenagers called him over.  The boy told police, one of the teenagers pulled up his sweatshirt displaying a gun and demanded money.

“He gave him all he had, which was $2,” said the boy’s father.  “They did this to him for two lousy dollars.”

Jason Dailey, a co-owner of the store, says he is worried the violence is going to scare his customers away.

“This shouldn’t be happening, people should be able to come here and not worry, little kids shouldn’t be getting robbed for $2,” Dailey said.

Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed says he believes more police are needed on the streets to help deter the violence.

“Now it’s happening to a 12-year-old,” Reed said.  “We clearly let this problem of violence get out of control.”