Attack left Johnny Manziel’s ex-girlfriend deaf in one ear, affidavit says

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DALLAS— Johnny Manziel's ex-girlfriend says he hit her so hard during a late-night confrontation that's being investigated by police that she lost hearing in one ear.

An affidavit filed by Colleen Crowley was obtained by KXAS-TV.

Crowley won a protective order last week against Manziel, the Cleveland Browns quarterback who is being investigated on allegations of domestic violence.

In the affidavit, Crowley says she and Manziel had a confrontation in his hotel room at about 1:45 a.m. Jan. 30.

"When we got to the valet, I was crying and begged the valet, 'Please don't let him take me. I'm scared for my life!' The valet replied, 'I don't know what do do' and proceeded to let respondent literally throw me in the front passenger seat of his car," the court documents said.

She says she jumped out of his car, but he chased her down and hit her left ear, rupturing her eardrum.

"I realized immediately that I could not hear out of that ear, and I still cannot today, two days later," Crowley wrote in the affidavit.

Crowley said Manziel threatened to kill her and himself, and she believed he was having a psychotic episode.

Manziel's attorney did not return a phone message Monday.

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