Crash course on candidates in race for the White House

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WASHINGTON, DC– The field of Democrat and Republican candidates for president continues to narrow.

But there’s still a long way to go until the conventions officially name their nominees for the White House this summer. Here’s your chance to study up and learn more about those who remain in the race:

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Democrat presidential candidates:

Hillary Clinton 
Hillary Clinton
Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders


Republican presidential candidates:

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz
John Kasich 
John Kasich
Donald Trump
Donald Trump


No longer in the race:

Rick Perry: Sept. 11, 2015
Scott Walker: Sept. 21, 2015
Bobby Jindal: Nov. 17, 2015
Lindsey Graham: Dec. 21, 2015
George Pataki: Dec. 29, 2015
Martin O’Malley: Feb. 1, 2016
Mike Huckabee: Feb. 1, 2016
Rand Paul: Feb. 3, 2016
Rick Santorum: Feb. 3, 2016
Chris Christie: Feb. 10, 2016
Carly Fiorina: Feb. 10, 2016
Jim Gilmore: Feb. 12, 2016
Jeb Bush: Feb. 20, 2016.
Ben Carson: March, 2, 2016
Marco Rubio: March 15, 2016

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