Reunited with her ‘Guardian Angel’: Woman thanks Cleveland Heights officer for saving her from attack

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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio- A young woman says ‘thank you’ to the officer who she credits with saving her life after a vicious dog attack. Monday evening, the two were reunited for the first time since the incident.

Chante Pray, 22, and her mother walked into the Cleveland Heights police department carrying gifts.

"I still can't walk, my hand still hurts, my foot still hurts severely," said Pray.

January 24th, she was attacked by a pit bull as she was leaving a home in Cleveland Heights.

Shortly after the attack, Officer Everett Haworth arrived, shot and killed the dog and tried to comfort Chante until paramedics could arrive.

The ordeal was captured on the officers body camera.

Pray hugged officer Haworth when he walked into the room. She wanted to express her gratitude to Officer Haworth, presenting him with balloons, a stuffed animal, and a box of chocolate.

"I brought him a picture of me and my daughter so he could see that he just didn't put his life in danger for me, but he put it in danger for my daughter," she said.

Pray says the attack continues to haunt her. In fact, she was obviously startled when a police dog walked into the room.

"That was the first I actually came in contact with a dog since that's happened," she explained.

"You were there like pretty much almost stroking her hair, telling her everything was gonna be ok, you were there when I couldn't be," said her mother Michelle Augustine-McClendon, as she spoke to Officer Haworth.

"I just felt that's what she needed, she had just been through something pretty traumatic," Hayworth said.

Chante Pray and her mother call Haworth a guardian angel...he says he was simply keeping his oath to protect and serve.

"There are still some good officers out there that might seem like officers don't care, but officers really do care," Pray said.

"I think there's a million police officers across this country that would've done the exact same thing that I did," Haworth replied.

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