Potato wars: do you like Bill or Tracy’s ‘million dollar potato’ picture better?

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CLEVELAND - It started out as a funny story to end Fox 8 News at 5. It ended up in the war of the potatoes between the anchors.

The news story centered around a picture of a potato. Just a potato, on a plain black background, lit by a single light.  It sold recently for one million dollars. Yes. One million dollars. The photographer wouldn't budge on his asking price and someone agreed and bought it. For one million dollars.

That started Bill Martin and Tracy McCool wondering about their own potato-photographing skills. Could they, too, reach the artistic heights of the million dollar potato portrait? They each took a picture of the same potato while they were on the air. (You can see the photographic brilliance in action in the video box, above.)

Now it's up to you, our viewers, to be the judges. Is Tracy's the million dollar portrait? Or does Bill's photo show the true nature of a potato? They've posted their pictures on their Facebook pages. Take a look, choose a potato and cast your vote by liking one of the pictures.

We're not sure what the winner will get, but we're thinking something along the lines of fried, roasted, mashed, julienned or scalloped.

The winners will be announced sometime before the next potato harvest.