Three California inmates escape prison by rappelling down from roof

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ORANGE COUNTY, California – Three inmates from an Orange County, California prison have escaped after they rappelled down from the roof and ran away.

According to ABC News, the three men were last seen around 5 a.m. Friday and could have escaped anytime between then and Friday night.

“It was very well-thought-out and planned,” Orange County sheriff’s Lt. Jeff Hallock said Saturday at a news conference.

Hallock said the inmates cut through half-inch steel and plumbing tunnels during their escape.

They made it to an unguarded area of the roof and rappelled down.

Hallock added that it is the first escape from the prison in nearly 20 years.

The three inmates include 20-year-old Jonathan Tieu, 37-year-old Hossein Nayeri and 43-year-old Bac Duong.

Tieu was being held on 1 million dollars bond for murder and attempted murder. Nayeri was being held without bond on kidnapping, torture, aggravated mayhem and burglary. Duong was being held without bond on attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and being an ex-felon with a firearm.

“I think the public should expect the worst if they’re encountering them and call 911 and allow the professionals to respond,” Hallock said.