Just who is ‘Bill’ and where did all those ‘Be like Bill’ memes come from? Here’s the answer

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You’ve probably seen all those “Be Like Bill” memes floating around Facebook recently. Bill is an example of perfect passive aggression. He tells us what he does or doesn’t do, tells us why and then tell us to “Be like Bill.”

But who is this Bill, and where did he come from?

A little research shows that Bill first popped up about a year ago. But he didn’t catch on until a man living in Italy started Bill’s Facebook page. Over 1.5 million people have liked it to date.

You can even personalize Be like Bill. Just go to Blobla.com, type in your name you’ll get a version of Bill that allegedly fits your personality.

Since we at Fox8.com will stop at nothing to fully report a story, we Bill-ed a few of our producers, who really do like to take good pictures and never, ever like their own profile pictures.

via en.blobla.com

via en.blobla.com

be like kara

Eugeni Croitoru, that guy in Italy who started the Facebook page, says that Bill was meant to be all in fun and just for laughs, even though some people are getting mad at Bill and his superior, passive-aggressive ways. Someone even started a “Don’t be like Bill” page.

Either way, no matter how you feel about Bill, now you know his story.