Video: Deputy saves toddler running down Oregon highway

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Toddler rescued by deputy in Oregon

NEWPORT, Oregon- A chilling discovery captured on a Oregon deputy’s dashcam video is now being used as a warning on how dangerous distracted driving can be.

The video was posted  on the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

The incident happened on the evening of January 9. The deputy was driving down the highway when he saw a toddler running toward him.

The deputy stopped the car and rescued the child who was in the path of a semi and other cars on the road.

The deputy reunited the toddler with his family, who was frantically searching for the child. According to the sheriff’s department, the 2-year-old snuck out a door while his family was cleaning up at a community center.

No charges have been filed and the case was ruled accidental.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. Curtis Landers said, “We share this video as a reminder of how quickly things can go wrong and the danger of the potential result of distracted driving,”