Squad sidelined: Cheerleader’s mom says daughter has been bullied for months

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CLEVELAND-- A local high school cheerleading squad has been suspended and one mother told Fox 8 that there have been problems with the team for months.

An email was sent to parents this week notifying them that the cheerleading program at Villa Angela-St. Joseph is temporarily suspended. A parent said it's due to fights that happened at an away game this past weekend.

The email said the suspension period will provide an opportunity to evaluate the measure by which the teams travel. But school officials declined to give Fox 8 specifics.

Donna Germany, whose daughter has been on the team for three years, said there are several issues with the team. She said her daughter has been bullied for months and has not been able to get any help from the school.

"It's been torment, " Germany said.  Germany said she has called school officials but has received no help. She said her daughter has asked not to be paired with two girls, who have bullied her for months, but no one listened.

"On three different occasions she was accidentally dropped," Germany said . "She had bruises on her side. She could have broken her leg or neck."

Germany said cheerleading coaches told her they felt the drops were accidental. She said no one ever apologized to her daughter.

The building principal told Fox 8 the school is aware of the matter and have handled it by following their school policies. The principal also said that intervention specialists were involved.

But Germany said she feels more should be done. "I am tired; I'm fed up. I want my daughter to feel safe," she said.