Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush: You Decide 2016

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Jeb Bush announces his run for president in June 2014.

Campaign ended: Feb. 20, 2016

Current position: None

Career: Florida governor 1999-2007, Florida Secretary of Commerce 1987-1988

Hometown: Midland, Texas

Family: Son of former President George H. W. Bush, brother of former President George W. Bush, married to Columba Bush with three children

Religion: Roman Catholic

On the issues:

Economy: The former governor of Florida wants to lower taxes and simplify the tax code. He says he believes his tax reform will increase wages and reduce the deficit. Bush has criticized regulatory restraints that he says delay infrastructure projects and waste Americans valuable time.

Education: Jeb Bush is one of the most vocal supports of Common Core.

Environment: According to Bush, lifting a ban on crude oil exports would create hundreds or thousands of jobs, while lower energy costs. Bush is in favor of the keystone XL pipeline.

Gun control/rights: As governor of Florida, he signed the controversial “stand your ground” law. He supports instant background checks for purchases at gun shows.

Health care: Bush wants to repeal Obama Care, modernize the Food and Drug Administration, enable portable coverages for workers and give tax credits for buying affordable health plans. He also says there should be riser contribution limits on Health Savings Accounts.

Immigration: Bush says the U.S. Border Patrol should be able to quickly deploy to combat smugglers and cartels, and the infrastructure along the Mexican border should be improved. He’s in favor of cracking down on sanctuary cities, deporting people who overstay their visas and requiring electronic verification for employment.

National security: “First, we must support the Iraqi forces, which right now have the will to win, but not the means,” Bush says. He supports aiding Kurdish forces, providing air support for ground troops to battle ISIS and training Syrian opposition fighters.

Social issues: While Bush has long been an opponent of gay marriage, he urged people to “respect the rule of law” following a Supreme Court ruling.






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