Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina: You Decide 2016

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Carly Fiorina started gaining in the polls in September 2015.

Campaign ended: Feb. 10, 2016

Current position: None

Career: Hewlett-Packard CEO 1999-2005, Lucent Technologies President 1996-1999

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Family: Married to Frank Fiorina with two stepdaughters

Religion: Christian

On the issues:

Economy: Fiorina says job creation starts with small business and the energy industry. The ex-HP CEO supports shrinking the U.S. tax code to just three pages. “This government has become so big, so powerful that is literally crushing the potential of this nation,” Fiorina says. “And in this case, it is crushing the job creation potential of this nation.”

Education: According to her website, Fiorina is against Common Core because it puts more control in the hands of the Department of Education. She says parents should have a choice for K-12 education, and students should have options aside from four-year universities. She says we should return the free market to the student loan process in order to lower interest rates.

Environment: The former businesswoman criticizes California for imposing environmental regulations that costs people jobs while not helping climate change. As president, she says the United State would become a global energy powerhouse, creating millions of jobs and lessening our dependence on other countries.

Gun control/rights: Fiorina says she will fight against any attempt to roll back our constitutionally-guaranteed right to bear arms. She accuses Democrats of trying to capitalize on tragedies to pass stricter gun laws.

Health care: According to Fiorina, Obamacare is failing and it needs to be repealed. She says there is no real competition in the health care industry, which would force prices lower. As a breast cancer, she favors comprehensive women’s health care screenings, but opposes Planned Parenthood.

Immigration: The former CEO is against sanctuary cities and for employer verification systems that work. She says she would secure the border with money, manpower and technology.

National security: In order to defeat ISIS, Fiorina says we must hold a summit with our allies, where we agree to arm the Kurds, share intelligence with the Egyptians and provide bombs to the Jordanians. “They know this is their fight, but they need to see leadership and resolve from the United States,” she says. Fiorina does not support having more talks with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Instead, we should rebuild the missile defense program in Poland, conduct military exercises in the Baltic States and send thousands of troops into Germany.

Social issues: Fiorina is a supporter of civil unions, but says marriage is rooted in marriage so it should be between a man and a woman.






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