Local pastor would like to help the person who stole church’s snow plow

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LORAIN, Ohio – Pastor Troy Thompson from Church on the North Coast is still trying to understand why anyone would steal their snow plow.

He said it was taken from outside their garage some time between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

"The reason it was parked outside was because we're in the middle of a building project for our children ministries, so that area is completely moved out and we need to store stuff,” he explained.

It appears the thief also tried to get into the garage. They know that because the handle was broken off and left on the ground.

Footprints were discovered in the snow too. As for surveillance video, there isn’t any, and everyone who had access to the keys has been cleared.

"Everyone had their keys. It was an old key system. There wasn't a chip or anything in it, so you could just basically put anything in there and turn the ignition from what I understand and start it,” he said.

The truck is described as a black 2003 Ford F-350. The tailgate is missing and there’s some rust on the fender. The snow plow is red and white.

Pastor Thompson said the truck wasn’t just used for plowing the parking lots, they also used it for community projects. Now that it’s gone though, all of that has to be put on hold.

He said he feels sorry for whoever took the truck because they must be in a tough situation. He said if that person does agree to return it, they won’t press any charges. In fact, he said they’d like to help them out.

"The Bible tells us to pray for our enemies and love them and that's what we want to do,” he said.

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