I-Team obtains video of another RTA bus running a red light

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CLEVELAND - The Fox 8 I-Team has obtained exclusive video of yet another RTA bus running a red light.

This comes weeks after we first exposed an RTA bus doing the same thing.

Both cases were caught on camera by citizens who have video cameras in their vehicles.

The latest incident happened Thursday evening at West 85th and Detroit. Video shows the bus hitting the intersection two seconds after the light turned red. The bus takes about 5 seconds to get all the way through the intersection. Then, you see brake lights.

The I-Team turned that video over to RTA. The agency says it will investigate.

Meantime, we also took that video to the bus driver’s union. The union president says with a bus getting close to the intersection and the light changing, drivers have to consider what they see on the roads and on the bus.

Ronald Jackson says, “Now a decision has to be made. Do I stop the bus, or do I keep going? Now if I got some action on the bus, then it's going to be in the best interest of the passenger that I don’t abruptly stop.” Jackson added, “99% of our operators do a safe job.”

The case last November happened in Shaker Hts. RTA ordered retraining for that driver.

Adel Elder recorded the latest incident. He thinks the same thing may be best for the driver involved in this.

He said, “They’re not just putting themselves at risk. They’re putting other people at risk.”