A look back: David Blatt’s time with the Cleveland Cavaliers

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David Blatt

CLEVELAND – As the Cavaliers head coach David Blatt had a 83-40 regular season record and a 16-4 playoff record, including the NBA Finals.

Blatt was fired on Friday and assistant coach Tyronn Lue was named the new head coach.

Below is a timeline of the major events while Blatt was with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

June 18, 2014
– Cavaliers meet with David Coach to interview for head coaching position

June 20, 2014
– David Blatt hired as Cleveland Cavaliers head coach

December 29, 2014
– Blatt denies rumors that he does not have the team’s attention
– “Absolutely I do,” Blatt said. “We just didn’t play well (Sunday.) I don’t think it was an issue outside of that. A couple games ago we were 17-10. I know some other pretty good teams in the NBA that didn’t have that record.”

April 15, 2015
– Cavs finish season 53-29 under David Blatt’s first season

April 19-25, 2015
-Cavs sweep Boston Celtics 4-0 in playoffs

May 4-15,  2015
– Cavs win series over Chicago Bulls 4-2 in playoffs

May 15, 2015
– Cavs owner Dan Gilbert on Twitter refutes report that David Blatt would be fired

May 20-26, 2015
– Cavs sweep Atlanta Hawks 4-0, win Eastern Conference Championship

June 4-16, 2015
– Cavs lose to Golden State Warriors in NBA Finals, 4-2

June 18, 2015
-At end of season press conference, David Blatt said that he is not going anywhere
– GM David Griffin speaks at end of season press conference:
o “I think sensational sells now, and certainly with a team likes outs, the more sensational the better”
o “LeBron himself said, I think it was June 2, that he thinks coach has done a hell of a job. So if you want to use his actual words, that’s what the man said.”
o “From purely a basketball perspective, I’m not quite sure exactly what anybody is looking to have happen. It’s all conjecture. I think one thing David did as well as anybody I’ve ever see – and sheesh I did better – was just ignore the noise from the media perspective, because frankly, none of that means anything. We know what actually takes place.”
o “I think as I said before, it’s difficult for me to understand if you’re going purely on a basketball achievements what exactly this team left on the table, given what he had. I just don’t know what we’re really critiquing at this point anymore.”

January 16,  2016
-Cavs lose to Golden State Warriors at home, 132-98

January 22, 2016
– David Blatt fired as Cavs head coach as Cavaliers lead Eastern Conference with 30-11 record