Shaker Heights police warn residents as two wild, aggressive dogs continue to roam the area

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SHAKER HEIGHTS - A warning to residents about wild and aggressive dogs roaming an east side suburb.

"I looked across the street and I heard some horrible wailing sound and it was still kind of dark out," said Shaker Heights resident Paul Sanders.

Around 5:30 a.m. Wednesday, Sanders was walking his four and a half month old puppy, Jenny, on Ingleside Road in Shaker Heights. He says he saw a badly injured deer laying in his neighbor's yard.

"There was something on it moving around, growling...I yelled and I saw three. I thought it was coyotes at first." said Sanders.

"When he came back up and told me about it, he got on the phone and called the police. And then it was a matter of not very long, like five minutes or so, and then we heard the two shots," said his wife, Nancy.

Shaker Heights police say the deer was critically injured and the responding officer had to put it down. They say the three dogs returned, but when the officer shined his spotlight on them, they took off.

Investigators are not sure whether the dogs injured the deer or whether the deer was hurt before the dogs got to it.

Shaker Heights police say around two hours later, around 7:40 a.m., a woman was waiting for the Rapid on Van Aken Boulevard, not too far away. She says that the three dogs approached her, one nipped her on her jacket and then she called police. The woman was not hurt.

Police say the woman boarded a train before they could arrive. They say officers did locate the dogs again and say one became aggressive, so an officer shot and killed it. The other two ran away.

Shaker Heights police say they do not know what breed the dogs are. Witnesses tell them one is black, the other brown, both medium sized dogs.

"Never had a concern, never before, but it's something that you have to watch out for now," said Nancy Sanders.

Shaker Heights police say they believe later in the day, the dogs moved across the border into Cleveland near the Scottsdale Boulevard area.

Police warn anyone who sees the dogs, not to approach them, call police.