L.A. Times poll: Matthew Dellavedova voted dirtiest player in the NBA

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Matthew Dellavedova has his picture taken at the 2015 Cavs media day. (Photo: Jen Steer/Fox 8 News)

CLEVELAND – The Cleveland Cavaliers have one of the best teams in the NBA, but according to a recent poll, they also have the dirtiest player.

The L.A. Times conducted a poll with 24 coaches, who remained anonymous, and asked them to name the five dirtiest players in the league.

Thirteen coaches voted for Matthew Dellavedova, Oklahoma City center Steven Adams had seven votes. Golden State center Andrew Bogut had 5, Memphis forward Matt Barnes had 4 and Oklahoma City forward Serge Ibaka had 2.

“Wow! Delly and Bogut are both from Australia,” an Eastern Conference player told the L.A. Times. “How about that! Delly is kind of dirty and he does cross the line. But I don’t even think it’s even close with Bogut. Dellavedova is a little bit wild and out of control.”

Last season, Dellavedova rolled onto the ankle of Atlanta’s Kyle Korver while diving for a ball in the Eastern Conference playoffs. The injury to Korver ended his season with surgery and Dellavedova was under fire for being a dirty player.

Several other incidents, including wrapping his legs around Chicago’s Taj Gibson, didn’t help his reputation.

“He ain’t dirty. He just plays hard,” said an assistant coach. “See, guys resent people that play hard because they don’t want to play hard. So if a guy plays hard, he’s dirty. He’s not dirty. He just plays hard. People question the play he made in the playoffs against Korver. I just think it was poor judgment.”

Another coach called Dellavedova “accidentally dirty” saying he is just “a quality backup point guard.”