Taco Bell executive fired after Uber attack is now suing driver for $5 million

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COSTA MESA, California – A former Taco Bell executive that was fired after video surfaced of him attacking an Uber driver is now suing the driver for $5 million. He is saying the driver illegally recorded the entire incident.

According to NBC News, Benjamin Golden is suing driver Edward Caban and saying that Caban is responsible for any injuries he suffered.

Golden’s lawyer called Caban “quite the opportunist” and said “there’s very little truth to the damages that he claims.”

“Mr. Golden accepts full responsibility for his actions and understands the consequences that may occur as a result,” the lawyers said backin November before this lawsuit was filed. His lawyer also said Golden was too drunk to remember what happened.

Golden is claiming that he was recorded without consent and is also suing those who distributed the video after the fact.

He said that because of the “overwhelming media coverage” of the video, he “has suffered severe emotional distress, humiliation, anxiety, fear, pain and suffering and the loss of his job.”