Memorial services held in Akron for soldier killed in North Korea in 1951

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AKRON - Memorial services were held in Akron today for a soldier killed in North Korea back in 1951 while he was a prisoner of war.

David Burke enlisted after high school and was taken as a prisoner of war with members of his unit in 1950. Three years later, other POWs that returned to the U.S. said Burke had starved to death in 1951.

His family was devastated when North Korea wouldn't turn over his remains.

"I prayed that one day this would come because we know God can do anything with prayer, and I prayed that one day that I would be able to see this," said a relative.

Last week his family was notified his remains had been identified through dental records and DNA testing.

He will be laid to rest on Monday at the National Cemetery  in Rittman.