Local American Idol contestant hits high note in his community

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ASHTABULA, Ohio – If you watch American Idol, you’re definitely going to want to keep an eye out for Tank Jackson.

The Ashtabula native was just selected for the next round in Hollywood!

"He's been auditioning since he was about 18 and has just kept going throughout the ‘no's’ and the ‘maybe's’ or the ‘maybe next times’, but he's never given up,” said Tank’s brother David Jackson.

Tank wasn’t able to talk to Fox 8 about the show, but we were able to catch up with his brother David and David’s fiancé.

The pair said they were in shock when they heard he made it.

"I've always known what my brother sounded like and I know what he does, but to see him in front of Harry, Keith and Jennifer, it was just really inspiring,” he said.

Tank has always had a musical background, and he’s a dancer too. In fact, he teaches dance in Conneaut and has own weight loss program called Tankercise.

"People love it, people love him. He's inspiring people to lose weight and to be better. He's losing weight and being better and he's doing such a great job and I have never been more proud of him,” said David.

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