I-TEAM: Cleveland police call off chase after man is carjacked at ATM

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SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio- The FOX 8 I-TEAM has learned a Cleveland police chase was called off even after a man had been carjacked at an ATM.

The incident began last Saturday night in Shaker Heights near Lee and Chagrin. Tyrone Hite went to an ATM and found a sawed-off shotgun in his face. He says crooks stole his SUV, money, phone, and personal belongings for his job.

Shaker Heights Police scrambled to find the stolen SUV and a car used by the bad guys, but Shaker Hts. officers lost them.

Cleveland Police radio tapes obtained by the I-TEAM show Cleveland officers spotted the vehicles. But a Cleveland Police supervisor called off the chase after asking about the speed and whether the suspects were stopping for red lights.

Ultimately, Cleveland Police did find the SUV two nights later. However, when officers stopped the vehicle two men ran off. One man did get arrested, and police say they found drugs, a handgun, and different license plates on the SUV.

Tyrone Hite says, "I don't appreciate them backing off. I lost a lot.” He added, "Maybe they figure with a high-speed chase you coulda hurt other people I don't know….This is a carjacking with a sawed off shotgun.”

Shaker Hts. Police are continuing to investigate. They’re also trying to determine if the man arrested was actually involved in the carjacking.

If you know anything, call Shaker Hts. Police, or call Crime Stoppers at 216-252-7463. You can remain anonymous and possibly get a reward.

In recent years, Cleveland Police have been restricting officers in most car chases. That is fallout from a massive chase in 2012 that turned deadly.