Cleveland religious and community leaders kick off program to register voters

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CLEVELAND – Cleveland religious and community leaders are marching this weekend trying to give people the power to make a difference by reminding them they have a voice at the polls.

They’ve kicked off a 30-day program to register voters, educate voters and remind folks they have to actually go to the polls and cast their votes.

Organizers call it a “Fight Back for Justice through Voter Empowerment.” They kicked off on the weekend set aside to honor the late civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King.

Bishop Tony Minor stated, “Our goal is to turn passion into power, voter power. Give the community a clear choice to choose the ballot over bricks.”

Rev Jimmy L. Gates stated, “We have failed if we do not motivate our community to understand the power that is in their hands…the power of the vote” As Dr. King stated, “the time is always right, to do something right”.

Organizers also say they’ve found many people angry about rulings that have come out of the courts, and voting can be the most effective way to force change.