Plugged In: Parents who sell Girl Scout Cookies for their kids

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It’s Girl Scout Cookie time.

And chances are you’ve been approached at the office or on social media to buy cookies or other fundraising items.

But when parents do the selling for their children, are they shortchanging their kids?

It’s the topic of an advice column on Yahoo! Parenting.

Melissa Walker writes, “Isn’t the point of the cookie sales that kids learn by doing it themselves?”

She sites columns by others calling on people to refuse to buy fundraising items unless the kids ask you themselves.

Walker interviewed Jacqueline Whitmore, founder of the Protocol School of Palm Beach, who had a suggestion for online and social media sales. Whitmore says parents should ask their children to compose the Facebook post or create a video asking people to buy what they are selling. She also recommends the kids deliver the products along with hand-written thank you notes.

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