New York City officers rescue woman while traveling to memorial for Canton K9

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(Photo Credit: Fox 8 News)

(Photo Credit: Fox 8 News)

CANTON – Some officers came from New York City to Ohio to pay respects to a K9 hero, but along the way, they provided some  heroic actions themselves.

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NYPD Officers Benny Colecchia, Daniel Rich, and Matt Wizelinski left New York City around 2:30 a.m. Thursday to attend the memorial service in Canton for K9 Officer Jethro.

Jethro died Sunday after being shot by a suspect Saturday morning.  “We wanted to be there to show our support,” said  Colecchia.

They said when they left New York City the roads were fine.  As they drove a bit further they hit snow and then ice.  “It was all black ice, we were slipping and sliding,”Colecchia said.
And while in Pennsylvania, about 64 miles from the Ohio border, they saw an overturned ambulette on the side of the road.

 NYC officers on their way to the Canton's K-9's funeral, help a woman involved in an accident along the Ohio border.

NYC officers on their way to the Canton’s K-9’s funeral, help a woman involved in an accident along the Ohio border.

“We couldn’t even stop,” Colecchia recalled.  “We had to stop a quarter mile up the road and run back to the accident scene.  It was so icy I just slid down the hill.”

Colecchia said when they got there, they found a woman in a wheelchair trapped inside the overturned ambulette.

The three realized they had equipment in their cruiser that could help them get the woman free.

“Benny went inside and was able to get her out,” said Rich.  “We stayed until emergency crews could arrive.”

Wizelinski said the three were just glad they could help.  “It was funny because everyone kept asking why is NYPD here,” Colecchia said with a smile.

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