Brunswick mom warns about bundling up your kids before they play outside

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BRUNSWICK - A warning for parents about bundling up your kids to play outside.

Long scarves and dangly strings could potentially hurt them.

It happened to 6-year-old Weston Fishman of Brunswick last week.

Weston was wearing a knit scarf and playing outside with two neighborhood dogs when each grabbed an end and started playing tug-of-war.

"He turned purple," said Jameson, Weston's brother.

Jameson grabbed his brother's scarf and pulled it away so that Weston could breathe until the dogs eased up.

Weston had broken capillaries on his neck.

"I understand the dog situation doesn't usually happen. But something else could! It's basically like a rope around your child's neck. They jump out of a tree and it gets snapped, they could jump out of a treehouse, out of a swing set, anything," said Rachel, Weston's mother.

"Kids and toddlers should not wear scarves or drawstrings that could be caught in playground material or when playing with pets or peers," said Dr. Ellen Rome, a pediatrician with the Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Rome says scarves and hoodies can be a choking hazard or even pose strangulation danger.

Dr. Rome recommends neck warmers and taking the drawstrings out of the neck area of winter clothes.