‘I thought it was a firework’: Neighbors tried to rescue 4 killed in house explosion

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NORTHFIELD CENTER, Ohio -- Fire crews have been working all night at the scene of a house explosion that killed four people in Northfield Center Township Monday night.

Two adults and two children, ages 8 and 12, were killed in the explosion that happened on Skyhaven Drive at around 8:30 p.m. Northfield Center Township Fire Chief Frank Risko said the four were killed instantly.

Neighbors ran over and tried to do what they could after the blast, but there was no getting inside.

When fire crews arrived, the house  was completely engulfed. Firefighters were told that people might still be inside, but the extensive fire prevented them from going in.

Risko said a man was found in the back of the home hours later. The mother and the two girls were found in the front of the home.

Risko said it appears as though the explosion happened in the center of the house. But what caused it is a mystery at this point. Investigators do not believe a gas leak had anything to do with the explosion.

Neighbors describe a huge blast and houses shaking.

"I thought it was like a firework or something, and I was going out to leave, and I see the whole house in flames," said neighbor Dylan Mabin.

"We ran up to the house, and the back top was blown away," said neighbor Randy Nickschinski. "Then we ran to the front, we tried kicking in the door. It was hard to get the door open, but he finally got it open, kicked in the door. That's when the dog came running out."

The identities of the individuals living in the home are not being released at this time.

The flames were under brought control after crews arrived, but firefighters were called back to the scene overnight to put out hot spots.

The Ohio State Fire Marshal's Office is expected to be back at the scene later this morning to continue its investigation.

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