I TEAM: exclusive video of RTA driver fighting back

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CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM has obtained exclusive video of an attack on an RTA bus driver that led to a 10 minute struggle with the driver and the attacker both begging passengers for help.

It happened late last month at East 116 and Union in Cleveland. The video shows it started when a man tried to get on a bus with an expired fare card. When the driver pointed that out, the man flew into a rage.

The driver fought back even though the man said he had a gun, and at one point,  he pulled a knife. Video shows passengers quickly scrambled to the back of the bus. The driver kept yelling for someone to call police. Though at least one passenger can be heard complaining about the inconvenience of all this saying she needs to get to a job.

A bystander can also be seen standing outside the bus apparently with a cell phone camera rolling. No one got involved in trying to subdue the attacker although a man did step on and ask for the knife. The attacker did hand it to him.

Police identify the attacker as Jared Henderson. He’s sitting in jail as Cuyahoga County Prosecutors review charges.

The I TEAM found Henderson on probation for burglary and drug cases.

RTA CEO and General Manager Joe Calabrese issued a statement to Fox 8 saying, “The operator acted heroically  when he restrained the assailant and when he protected the passengers by managing, in the midst of the struggle, to open the door to allow the passengers to exit.”

Henderson can be heard  during the struggle saying, “I got a $100 for anybody to come help me.”