Ohio offers rebates for installation of tornado safe rooms

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(Courtesy: Storm Network via MGN Online)

COLUMBUS, Ohio  — Ohio is once again offering rebates for homeowners installing tornado safe rooms in their houses.

The Ohio Emergency Management Agency says homeowners selected for the rebate will get 75 percent off the cost of installation or construction to a maximum of $5,250.

Steve Ferryman, the Ohio EMA mitigation branch chief, says the entire state is at risk for the most serious tornadoes which produce 250 mile per hour winds.

Ferryman says safe rooms are built to withstand such winds and the resulting airborne debris and to provide near absolute protection for occupants.

A safe room can be installed in the basement, beneath a garage floor, in an interior first-floor room or as a stand-alone structure near a house.

Homeowners have until Feb. 10 to apply.