Akron teen facing charges after allegedly threatening homeowner with BB gun

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AKRON, Ohio - A local teenager faces juvenile charges after he was accused of threatening a man with a BB gun, which had the orange safety tip removed.

Tyler Butler, 20, tells Fox 8 News he pulled into the driveway of his parents Akron home about 4 p.m. Wednesday. As he was talking with his girlfriend he noticed a young man, who he thought was 17 or 18 pick up a ceramic bird lawn ornament and walk away.

Butler, a starting lineman for the Notre Dame College football team in South Euclid, says the teen defiantly asked if he wanted to fight him for it.

"He kept cussing and screaming at me and, you know, telling me to come get it and fight him. And I'm like, 'you know I'm not going to fight you it's immature. It's a little ceramic bird just give it back to me,'" said Butler.

But instead, Butler says the teen drew a gun that he says looked real and told him he was going to kill him.

Butler says he had been raised around guns, knows them, understands how to handle them and believed the gun was real.

"All I could see was the profile of a gun and the kid pointing it at me," said Butler.

Butler says the teenager threw the ceramic ornament onto the concrete, shattering it, and then ran.

He called police who dispatched officers to the area knowing only that there was a man there making threats with a gun.

"When the officers actually were out patrolling, looking for the suspect, they were told that this guy pulled a gun on him," said Akron Police Lieutenant Rick Edwards. "There was no way for us to determine that it was a fake gun or not."

Officers eventually found a 14-year-old boy walking just a few blocks away and took him into custody.

That's when they realized, for the first time, that the gun was not real.

The the teenager was taken into custody and faces juvenile charges.

He told police that he found the gun a few houses away from where the confrontation took place and denied using it to make any threats.

Butler, who is studying criminal justice and plans to become a police officer, said he still didn't realize the gun was a fake until after he was told by Fox 8. He also had some harsh words for any teenager who might consider doing a similar thing.

"This is not a music video with your favorite rapper. This is not Call of Duty where you can push a button and you wake up the next day," Butler said. "You pull the trigger at somebody or you have the trigger pulled at you, you are done."

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