Road salt limited for drivers in Conneaut

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CONNEAUT, Ohio – The City of Conneaut is being conservative when it comes to salt usage during snowstorms, much to the dismay of local residents.

Three days after the first official snowfall of the year and ice still blankets South Ridge Road.

It’s a rural road that Joseph Polchosky calls home.

"We usually see the city out about 3:00-3:30 p.m. on their routes, but that day, something just didn't go right," said Polchosky.

That day was early Monday morning, snow and ice covered roadways making it difficult for local residents to get from point "a" to point "b."

Suzy Kay of Furnace Road said, "I'm an experienced driver however, I do have two teens that I worry about when they leave for school in the morning."

With over 560 lane miles of streets and roadways, Conneaut’s City Manager says the first streets that receive attention are the major arteries or priority roads including State Route 7, Route 20, Lake Road and East Main Road.

City leaders now reminding residents that crews historically do not apply road salt to every thorough fare in town due to high costs and other ecological factors..

City Manager Jim Hockaday says, "Salt is aggressive on roads and if we want to keep our roads in good shape, especially low speed residential roads, there's no reason adding salt to them and I’m not aware of any community that salts every street it owns."

But with more than enough road salt to go around to everyone, at least for now, residents are hoping the city rethinks old policies.

Suzy Kay adds, "We have inexperienced drivers, we have teens, we can sometimes have poor road conditions and a little salt would be helpful."