Grandparents or babysitters? More couples relying on their parents to watch kids

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Every parent knows that it can be tough to find a good babysitter.

That’s why many couples rely on their parents to help watch their children.

Barbara Graham, a blogger on, said when her son was a child, she never dreamed of asking her parents to babysit, describing them as an “admire-the-cherub-from-a-distance” type.

She says now, when visiting her son and his wife they “view my every visit as an open invitation for them to take a hike (literally and metaphorically.)”

She explains that these days, adult children are much closer to their parents than previous generations.

And relationships are much more casual, which means parents may assume that grandparents want to spend a lot of time with their grandchildren.

The writer argues that while she adores her grandchildren, at times she feels taken for granted.

She also emphasizes that it’s OK to say ‘no.’

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