Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker: You Decide 2016

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Campaign ended: Sept. 21, 2015

Current position: Governor of Wisconsin

Career: Wisconsin Governor 2011 to present, Milwaukee County Executive 2002 to 2010, Wisconsin State Assembly 1993 to 2002

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Family: Married to Tonette Tarantino with two sons

Religion: Christian

On the issues:

Economy: Walker feels the United States should consider eliminating the income tax. He supports drug texting and job training in exchange for certain entitlement programs like SNAP.

Education: He believes in expanding voucher programs to give families more freedom to make education decisions. Walker is also against Common Core.

Environment: He has not said if he believes climate change is real or man made. He opposes carbon emissions regulations.

Gun control/rights: Walker expanded gun rights in his home state in the last year. He eliminated Wisconsin’s 48-hour waiting period and allowed off-duty officers to carry concealed weapons in public schools.

Health care: He supports banning abortion after 20 weeks with exceptions for rape, incest or conditions that threaten the life of the mother.

Immigration: The Wisconsin governor says the U.S. needs to secure the border, but adds deportation in not a solution. He is also against a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

National security: In order to defeat ISIS, Walker feels we need troops on the ground and that airstrikes are not enough. He favors increasing support to Israel and would reject any nuclear deal with Iran.

Social issues: Walker wants to pass a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage.






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