Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry: You Decide 2016

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Campaign ended: Sept. 11, 2015

Current position: None

Career: Governor of Texas 2000 to 2015, Lt. Governor of Texas 1999 to 2000, Texas Commissioner of Agriculture 1991 to 1999, Texas House of Representatives 19985 to 1991

Hometown: Paint Creek, Texas

Family: Married to Anita Thigpen with two children

Religion: Nondenominational evangelical

On the issues:

Economy: Perry grew his state’s rainy day fund to more than $6 billion, while cutting taxes more than 75 times. He said he added 2.2 million new jobs to the state. He supports lowering taxes and retiring the national debt.

Education: Perry banned the use of Common Core in his home state, and led efforts to make higher education affordable and accessible for more Texans.

Environment: He has a track record of lowering nitrogen oxide and carbon levels, and pushing for more wind energy.

Gun control/rights: As governor, Perry signed “Castle Doctrine” giving homeowners more protection to use deadly force in their homes.

Health care: Perry is against Obamacare and did not expand Medicaid in his state. He banned abortions after 20 weeks and signed a law requiring women to have a sonogram before a aborting a fetus.

Immigration: The former Texas governor notes his experience dealing with border security. He supports increase manpower along the country’s southern border.

National security: Perry says we need to strengthen the military and work with our allies, forming a coalition with Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Social issues: He defines marriage between a man and a woman.






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