Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley: You Decide 2016

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Campaign ended: Feb. 1, 2016

Current position: None

Career: Governor of Maryland 2007 to 2015, Mayor of Baltimore 1999 to 2007

Hometown: Washington D.C.

Family: Married to Katie Curran with four children

Religion: Roman Catholic

On the issues:

Economy: O’Malley wants to hold Wall Street accountable, and that means appointing people to key position who are independent. He says he believes in workers’ rights to paid leave, a predictable work schedule and equal pay for equal work. He puts emphasis on full employment for America’s veterans.

Education: He supports early-childhood education programs for low-income students. O’Malley says we should restore investment in higher education, reduce tuition costs and provide relief for student loans.

Environment: O’Malley has a list of environmental policies he wants to put in place, including rejecting the Keystone XL, update federal buildings to be energy efficient and have the Environmental Protection Agency be aggressive on greenhouse gas emissions.

Gun control/rights: While serving as Maryland’s governor, O’Malley enacted gun control laws, like licensing, fingerprinting, mandatory training and background checks.

Health care: According to his website, O’Malley would push for banning price gouging on prescription drugs, fight corporate tax inversions and use competition to make health care more affordable. He favors access to abortion.

Immigration: O’Malley wants to expand access to naturalization and health care for new Americans. He also calls for a separation of local law enforcement from immigration enforcement.

National security: He supports continued negotiations with Iran, as well as a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. O’Malley values biosurveillance, intelligence sharing and cyber security.

Social issues: As Maryland governor, he signed a bill legalizing gay marriage in 2012. He also ended the death penalty in the state in 2013.






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