I-Team: When you are most likely to get a ticket from Ohio State Highway Patrol Troopers

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CLEVELAND - A Fox 8 I-Team investigation is answering the question so many of you have been asking since we exposed a speed crackdown on I-77 with many drivers caught on camera and ticketed for the exact same speed.

The I-Team found when you're most likely to get a ticket from an Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper.

We checked after what we found with Newburgh Heights police on I-77. Police there have been tracking speeders, photographing license plates, and mailing tickets.

But the I-Team found nearly 40% of those tickets are for cars driving 74 in a 60 mile per hour zone.

So we filed a request with the Ohio State Highway PatrolĀ and asked what are the most common speeds when troopers write tickets.

We found in 60 mph zones most tickets get written for drivers going 75. In 65 mile per hour zones the most common citation written is for 80. And, in 70 mph zones, the most tickets written have been for vehicles going 84.

In short, Newburgh Heights Police probably won't send you one of those speed camera tickets unless you're going at least 14 miles an hour over the limit.

But hold on before you think you have nothing to worry about from a trooper unless you're going 14 or 15 miles an hour over the limit. They say troopers can and do write tickets for less than that depending on traffic and weather conditions.