Green hit-and-run victim speaks out about suspect being arrested, long recovery ahead

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GREEN, Ohio - Less than two weeks after she was left seriously injured by a hit-and-run driver, Season Kerman has a long recovery ahead of her both physically and emotionally.

"I have a hard time every day dealing with it. I just have a hard time emotionally every day," said Kerman on Thursday after returning from a painful doctor's visit, replacing a cast over her shattered right leg with a walking boot.

"They put a tight sock over my whole leg and then they put this walking boot on that's very tight on my leg, so today was just another very painful day at the doctor," added Kerman.

Kerman was out for a run on December 12 when she was hit while on Turkeyfoot Lake Road near her home.

Strangers came quickly to help her but the driver who hit her left the scene.

"I just wish he would have stopped just to see if i was ok, if I needed help, you know. What if those people weren't home and I was dying. Just pull over and ask if I needed anything, that's all I wanted at that time. I just needed somebody to tell me that I was going to be ok," said Kerman.

"I'm being told at least a year before I could even start to try to walk-run. I won't be able to start running but even to just walk-run and the doctor doesn't know if I will ever be able to do the distance that I was doing," she said.

From a part of a mirror that was left at the scene and the description of the vehicle involved, the Summit County Sheriff's Office was able to gather enough evidence to file charges against Michael Shahan, 45, of Marlboro Township.

Sheriff's Office Inspector Bill Holland says Shahan did voluntarily identify himself shortly after the crash and made a statement to investigators admitting he knew he hit something but Holland would not go into details about the statement.

"He did admit that he did hit something. He may or may not have known (what it was), that's still under investigation, but we are happy that we did make an arrest in this case," said Holland.

Shahan is charged with tampering with evidence for making repairs to his car and with failing to stop after an accident. Both charges are felonies.

Holland says regardless of the circumstances it is always worse to leave the scene of a crash, regardless of what someone may or may not have thougtht they hit.

"That is absolutely the wrong thing to do. If you hit somebody, that person needs immediate medical treatment and you never know, in the couple of minutes that it took somebody else to report it that could have been a matter of life or death," said Holland

"I'm glad that he has been arrested. You know to me since this happened he's just been able to go on with his every day life and I have had to deal with what I have had to deal with. I'm glad now that he has to pay for what he has done to me," said Kerman​