Woman swept away by tornado while on FaceTime call with husband

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MESQUITE, Texas — A Mesquite woman was on her way home from a hair salon Saturday, talking with her husband on FaceTime when her SUV was swept away by a tornado.

Petra Ruiz, 27, was one of nearly one dozen killed in the tornado outbreak.

Dallas Morning News reports that Ruiz had set the phone in her cup holder, and was talking about what to have for dinner with her husband, Ruben Porras. Porras heard his wife scream, and the screen on his phone went dark.

Her SUV had been pushed off an overpass by the storm.

Porras reportedly used his phone’s Find My Friends app in an effort to find her, working his way through blocked roads and police cruisers. He eventually bailed from his car and began to search on foot when he finally found her vehicle.

His wife was inside.

“She wasn’t responding,” Porras told Dallas Morning News. “She had no pulse. She was gone.”

Ruiz had four children between the ages of two and nine. A GoFundMe account has been set up to help her family.

Ruiz was among 11 people killed in the Dallas area during the severe storms.

Those are among 43 weather-related deaths in the past week across the country.

The current severe storm system is being blamed for 25 deaths: the 11 in the Dallas area, eight in Missouri, five in southern Illinois and at least one in Georgia. Many died after their cars were swept away by floodwater.

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