Cleveland mayor makes remarks following Tamir Rice grand jury decision

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Police Chief Calvin Williams sat down with reporters Tuesday morning regarding yesterday's decision in the Tamir Rice case. 

It was announced Monday that a grand jury decided officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback will not face criminal charges in connection with the Nov. 22, 2014 shooting death of the 12-year-old.

Rice was shot and killed at Cudell Recreation Center in Cleveland after a 911 caller reported a male in the area waving a gun. The officers say they believed the gun was real when they arrived on scene. They said they ordered Rice to drop the weapon before Loehmann fired.

It turns out that Rice had an airsoft pistol that police say looked like a real gun.

Now that the criminal review is over, an administrative review will take place. A report will be put together, presented to Jackson and then presented to the public, he said.

Jackson emphasized the city will take whatever time is required to "do the right thing in terms of due process."

At one point during his remarks, he appeared to become emotional when talking about the importance of that process and how seriously the city takes the entire ordeal. He also referred to the 2012 deadly chase and shooting in East Cleveland.

"A 12-year-old has lost his life," Jackson said. "A 12-year-old has died. And in East Cleveland two people died. And we take that seriously. We do soul-searching on these kinds of things."

Jackson was asked if he is worried that the city is being viewed in a negative way across the country in light of the case. He said he doesn't want to be viewed negatively, but he's not going to try to prove himself to anyone else.

He said instead, he will work internally and "stay on top of things" and not get caught up on how others view the city.

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Darcie Loreno December 29, 201511:29 am

Event set to begin at 11:30

Darcie Loreno December 29, 201511:42 am

Mayor Frank Jackson is explaining the process of the administrative review the officers involved will now undergo: “We’re concerned about due process, not just process.”

Darcie Loreno December 29, 201511:44 am

Police Chief Calvin Williams says a report on the review will be given to him, and he will decide whether to hear charges against the officers or refer it to the city’s safety director.

Darcie Loreno December 29, 201511:45 am

Mayor Jackson: We are not trying to prolong the time in the Tamir Rice case, but we will take whatever time is necessary for us to do the right thing in terms of due process. 

Darcie Loreno December 29, 201511:45 am

Mayor Jackson: These are very tragic incidents. But they are just that, one incident. And people focus on that. I want us to really consider these incidents in a context of what I believe is actually going on. 

Darcie Loreno December 29, 201511:46 am

Mayor Jackson: People feel there is a lack of fairness, a lack of justice in the system. People are very upset about it. That is why we spend so much time  in Cleveland emphasizing the fact…we’re not just carrying out a process. We’re trying to do this in a due process way.

Darcie Loreno December 29, 201511:47 am

Mayor Jackson is opening it up to questions

Darcie Loreno December 29, 201511:48 am

When asked about his biggest concerns in coming days, Jackson says: Getting our process in place and moving expeditiously getting our process in place.

Darcie Loreno December 29, 201511:48 am

Jackson, when asked if he was concerned about protests:  I don’t worry about protests. People have a right. We actually welcome it, and we provide police protection to them when they come to Cleveland. 

Darcie Loreno December 29, 201511:53 am

Darcie Loreno December 29, 201511:54 am

Jackson, appearing to get emotional: We are reviewing…whether something was done administratively. A 12-year-old has lost his life. A 12-year-old died. And in East Cleveland two people died. And we take that seriously. We do soul-searching on these kinds of things. 

Darcie Loreno December 29, 201512:05 pm

Mayor emphasizes the city’s efforts for constant community engagement all the time, not just during cases such as Tamir Rice and the East Cleveland shooting.  

Darcie Loreno December 29, 201512:11 pm

Police Chief Calvin Williams: Investigators on a ‘critical incident committee’ will take a look at everything from start to finish, including the grand jury report, when it comes to the Tamir Rice case in the administrative review.

Darcie Loreno December 29, 201512:13 pm

Chief Williams re. the administrative review: We’re going to do our thorough review to make sure our policies were followed. And if they weren’t, people will be held accountable.

Darcie Loreno December 29, 201512:17 pm

Mayor when asked what he would say to Rice’s mother, Samaria: “What can I say to a mother? I have a 13-year-old grandson who just turned 13. Same size, so what can I say? There’s nothing that anybody…can say that is sufficient enough [to the] grief a mother has for losing her child. We’re doing what we can to ensure nothing like that happens again.”

Darcie Loreno December 29, 201512:23 pm

Mayor regarding if the city plans to offer a settlement for Tamir’s family: I can’t answer that question specifically. In this case, the grand jury has determined what it’s determined. We have not settled…we’re still in the process of that in court.” 

Darcie Loreno December 29, 201512:25 pm

Press conference concludes