Young players got key experience during Browns loss, Pettine says

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Browns head coach Mike Pettine speaks to reporters following the team's loss to Kansas City.

BEREA, Ohio– Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine spoke with reporters during his regular conference call following the team’s loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

Cleveland was driving down the field as seconds ticked away in the fourth quarter. They got a first down, but did not have enough time to line up and get a play off before time ran out. The Chiefs won 17-13.

“Despite the result yesterday, watching the tape, I feel really good about the way we played in the second half,” Pettine said.

He said lots of young players got great on-the-field experience against Kansas City, including Johnny Manziel, Danny Shelton and Nate Orchard.

“There’s no substitute for live game reps,” Pettine said.

The Browns are now 3-12, giving them the worst record in the NFL with the Tennessee Titans.

Bleacher Report reported there are rumors that Pettine will keep his job next season and general manager Ray Farmer will not, but the head coach said he doesn’t put much stock in that. Pettine also had little to say about the latest video showing Manziel partying.

Pettine said Armonty Bryant will be inactive against the Steelers following a traffic stop on Christmas.

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Jen Steer December 28, 20153:31 pm

Browns PR says coach will talk closer to 3:45

Jen Steer December 28, 20153:46 pm

Pettine “Despite the result yesterday, watching the tape, I feel really good about the way we played in the second half.”

Jen Steer December 28, 20153:47 pm

Coach Mike Pettine says the first half did not leave the team with much margin for error.

Jen Steer December 28, 20153:48 pm

Pettine says Johnny Manziel had his first chance at a game-winning drive in the NFL, it wasn’t a successful, but it was good experience. 

Jen Steer December 28, 20153:48 pm

Pettine says he meets with Jimmy Haslam on the field during the week and they have a scheduled meeting later today.

Jen Steer December 28, 20153:49 pm

“As a coach, you have very shot-term focus.” – Pettine

Jen Steer December 28, 20153:51 pm

“Look at our young players getting on-the-job training, the most obvious is Johnny,” Pettine says.

Jen Steer December 28, 20153:52 pm

On linebacker Armonty Bryant, that falls under the personal conduct policy. He was not suspended, but will be inactive next week against the Steelers.

Jen Steer December 28, 20153:53 pm

Pettine says he thought Manziel did a good job of avoiding the rush. He made his share of mistakes, missed some throws.

Jen Steer December 28, 20153:53 pm

Pettine: “It was a tough day for both teams to get the pass game going.” Says it was really windy, ball needed reset a few times.

Jen Steer December 28, 20153:55 pm

Pettine says he hasn’t seen the latest video of Johnny partying, but will discuss it if it needs to be discussed.

Jen Steer December 28, 20153:56 pm

Pettine says Johnny has grown a lot professionally, guys in the locker room see how competitive he is.

Jen Steer December 28, 20153:57 pm

Pettine says it’s disappointing how public it (Johnny’s behavior) becomes, he says he doesn’t want to micro-manage personal lives.

Jen Steer December 28, 20153:58 pm

“I think he has a strong arm… Is his spiral tight all the time? No, his spiral isn’t tight all the time,” Pettine says. “Big hands helps.”

Jen Steer December 28, 20153:59 pm

Pettine says he doesn’t get caught up in rumors about whether he is keeping his job. Bleacher Report saying Pettine will stay and GM Ray Farmer is out. Browns not confirming report.

Jen Steer December 28, 20154:00 pm

Pettine says he’s happy with Nate Orchard’s productivity yesterday. Says he hasn’t seen an interception like that in a long time.

Jen Steer December 28, 20154:01 pm

“There’s not substitute for live game reps,” Pettine on Orchard.

Jen Steer December 28, 20154:02 pm

Pettine on Manziel says he doesn’t hold his breath every snap anymore, jokes he only holds his breath every other snap. 

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