St. Augustine Church feeds hundreds this Christmas

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CLEVELAND, Ohio – It’s a full house over at St. Augustine’s off West 14th. The church is hosting its annual holiday feast for the hungry.

None of it would be possible though without help from a lot of volunteers. They spent all month getting everything ready.

“We had to cook the turkeys and debone them and freeze them and get all the fixings ready,” said Wilbur Hayes.

He’s a cook at St. Augustine’s and said he loves working at the church because he knows he’s making a difference.

"It's very gratifying, very gratifying,” he said.

Sister Corita Ambro said they try to make the event as special as possible.

"Christmas is a depressing time and so something like this is good for them,” she said.

Lavell Crawford said he wouldn’t be where he is today without Sister Corita or the church. He was homeless for close to 30 years.

“God has turned my whole life around and he got me back with my family and it's a beautiful experience right now,” he said.

St. Augustine's is open year round and can always use extra volunteers and donations. To assist with that, CLICK HERE.