Fox 8 viewers decided: Most popular stories, posts of 2015

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Top Stories of 2015

Viral videos, compelling photos, posts and stories that had people all over the world talking.

Using data and numbers from and our social media sites, we compiled the stories that visitors/viewers read and discussed most in 2015. They’re split into categories including top talkers, top national stories and top local stories.

Take a look through the lists below for some of the stories and videos that engaged and impacted people the most in 2015.

1.) Cedar Point guest dies after entering restricted area, being struck by Raptor coaster
2.) Super Blood Moon lunar eclipse: Amazing photos
3.) Man killed in police-involved shooting on I-480 east
4.) November 2015 election results
5.) Whoa! Winning Fox 8 Double Take look-a-likes revealed on live TV

1.) Roller coaster ride becomes nightmare for Texas family. (This story was originally published in July 2013, but made a huge comeback in 2015)
2.) ‘Mom of the year’: Baltimore woman praised for smacking rioting son
3.) New ISIS video warns of attack on United States
4.) Lawsuit: Popular, low-cost wines contain high levels of arsenic
5.) Subway suspends relationship with spokesman Jared Fogle after authorities raid home

1.) Ariana Grande in bizarre video: Licks donut, says ‘I hate America’
2.) Miller High Life guy Windell Middlebrooks dead at 36
3.) Bobbi Kristina’s family arguing about funeral plans
4.) Budweiser releases ‘Lost Dog’ Super Bowl announcement
5.) Actor who played young Anakin Skywalker in ‘Star Wars’ arrested after high-speed chase

1.) Photos: Local photographer’s haunting look inside abandoned Geauga Lake
2.) Photographer takes you inside Mike Tyson’s abandoned Ohio mansion
3.) ‘She just said hold the bucket’: Principal subject of one of the coolest senior pranks ever
4.) Interested? Go inside the ‘weird’ 46-bedroom mansion for sale in Texas
5.) Photos: Explorer shares fascinating tour of home untouched for 30 years

1.) Child claims he was once a woman in another life. Do you believe in past lives? An Ohio boy’s family says they didn’t, until little Luke started sharing specific details. He spoke about living another life, in a different city as a woman who suffered a horrific death.

(Photo Credit: CNN via KWCH)

(Photo Credit: CNN via KWCH)

2.) ‘She just said hold the bucket’: Principal subject of one of the coolest senior pranks ever. Wichita high school Principal Sherman Padgett was reluctant to play along when a student showed up and told him to stand in the hallway holding a bucket. Good thing he changed his mind.

3.) ‘Mom of the year’: Baltimore woman praised for smacking rioting son. A woman was praised for what she did after she spotted her son taking part in the rioting in the streets of Baltimore. She recognized him even though he was wearing a black face mask.

4.) Dash camera video released in roadside argument involving Johnny Manziel. Dash camera video was released in October of the roadside incident involving Johnny Manziel and his girlfriend, Colleen Crowley.

(Photo Credit: Trumbull County Sheriff via WKBN)

(Photo Credit: Trumbull County Sheriff via WKBN)

5.) LISTEN: Man’s emotional 911 call after he finds missing toddler ‘I found baby Rainn! A volunteer who was riding around a field on his four-wheeler came across a missing North Bloomfield child sleeping in some tall grass. This is his 911 call.



1.) Watch: Six seconds from Sugar Bowl that has everyone talking: Ohio State beat Alabama this year. But it was a six-second video taken during the game that had everyone talking. The caption on the clip says: “When you’re at the game with your side dude and realize you’re on TV.”

2.) Model who is almost 9 months pregnant is so fit she has abs:  L.A. model Sarah Stage became well-know after posting photos of her baby bump — but it wasn’t any regular baby bump. At almost 9 months pregnant, she had visible abs. The photos perplexed social media users — some of whom thought she was way too skinny for a pregnant woman. Others jumped to her defense.

(Photo Credit: Tumblr)

(Photo Credit: Tumblr)

3.) What color is this dress? The Internet can’t seem go agree:  It was a fierce debate, one that involved social media users on just about every platform. Remember #TheDress? A Tumblr user uploaded a photo of a dress asking “Guys please help me – is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree…” Cue the chaos.

4.) No joke: 5-year-old billed for missing friend’s birthday party: Not only was an RSVP required for this party — if you didn’t show up, you had to pay. A 5-year-old boy was invited to his friend’s birthday party. His parents said he would attend — but realized they’d made other plans. A few days later, he came home from school with a bill for a “child’s party no show fee.”

5.) Nurses go after “The View” for criticizing Miss America contestant: The ladies of “The View” poked fun of the wrong profession. Miss America contestant Kelley Johnson performed a monologue talking about her profession as a nurse for the talent portion. Joy Behar asked why she had a doctor’s stethoscope around her neck. Nurses around the country quickly responded.